End Washington Corruption

Ammar has introduced sweeping bipartisan legislation to end government corruption and restore power to the American people. The package ranges from a constitutional amendment to prohibit corporate donations, public financing for campaigns, abolishing the electoral college, a lobbying ban, withholding pay from Congress members who don’t do their jobs, to preventing Members of Congress from serving on influential committees if they’ve recently failed to pass an FBI background check or facing criminal investigation.

Here are the bills and legislative actions behind Ammar's proposal:


  1. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: When congress has an approval rating of 11% yet incumbents win reelection 98% of the time — the system is clearly broken. That’s why Ammar proposes a term limits plan modeled after the  military’s “up or out” program that requires members of congress to perform (pass bipartisan legislation) and promote (secure committee appointments) within the first 3 terms or be forced to retire. Based on performance and promotion, members can serve as few as 6 years and for a maximum of 20 years.


  • STOP BIG MONEY: Support Congressman Jerry McNerney’s proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would drastically change the way political campaigns are financed. H.J. Res 73 would restrict campaign contributions and eliminate Political Action Committees (PACs) and dark money that strongly influence the outcome of our elections. Funding for a candidate or ballot measure would be limited to the use of a public financing system or donations given directly to the campaign by individual citizens. (Click here to read the bill).

  1. REWARD GRASSROOTS-FUNDED CAMPAIGNS: Support Congressman John Sarbanes H.R. 1 bill in its entirety, especially its proposal to introduce voluntary public financing for campaigns, matching small donations at a 6:1 ratio. The 6:1 ratio matching system would impact donations up to $200 to congressional and presidential candidates who reject high-dollar contributions. Fines incurred from corporations who broke the law would be used to fund the system. (Click here to read the bill).


  1. LIFETIME LOBBYING BAN: Support Congressman Trey Hollingsworth legislation which stipulates that no one shall be issued a federal lobbyist registration who has ever been elected a member of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate. Former Members of Congress shall not be allowed to leverage their proximity to power for personal economic gain. (Click here to read the bill).

  1. BAN INSIDER TRADING: Banning Members of Congress, Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, White House staff, senior congressional staff, and other officials from owning or trading individual stocks while in office. (Click here to read the bill).

  1. ENDING CORPORATE/AGENCY CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Closing the revolving door between industries and the agencies responsible for conducting oversight on them (i.e. big pharma and the FDA division that approves new opioid drugs receives 75% of its funding from the industry.). Changing the rulemaking process of federal agencies to severely restrict the ability of corporations or industries to delay or influence rulemaking. Restrict studies funded by groups with conflict-of-interest problems being considered in the rulemaking process, unless they go under a lengthy peer review.


  1. NO BUDGET, NO PAY: Members of Congress shall not receive pay during government shutdowns. Wealthier members will receive a heavier, more punitive financial penalty.  Upon re-opening the government, members will not receive retroactive pay for the time the government was closed, while hardworking men and women were furloughed from the employment they count on to survive. (Inspired by Senator Rick Scott 2019 bill).

  1. NO PENSION FOR CRIMINALLY CONVICTED MEMBERS: Any current or former member of the United States House of Representatives (i.e. Congressman Duncan D. Hunter) or the United States Senate who is convinced of a federal crime shall forfeit his or her pension. Hard-earned American taxpayer dollars shall not go into the pockets of politicians who have engaged in unethical and criminal behavior.

  1. END THE 72% SUBSIDY ON HEALTHCARE COSTS FOR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: Healthcare subsidized by the Federal Government will no longer be included as part of the compensation package for Members of Congress. Each Member of Congress will be subject to the same healthcare options provided to the American people through their legislation, as opposed to the current system in which the federal government subsidizes 72% of the costs for Members of Congress.

  1. PROTECTING THE INTEGRITY OF CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES: No Member of Congress shall be allowed to serve on a Congressional Committee until he or she has passed a thorough FBI background check. Inspired by the new House Republican Rules established in 2018 following Congressman Duncan D. Hunter indictment,  if a member of the House and Senate is indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed, that member must submit his or her resignation from any such committees to the House promptly. Additionally, if a candidate or Member of Congress recently failed an FBI background check, he or she shall be disqualified from being appointed to any committee assignments until the person in question can pass an FBI background check. This measure would prevent compromised Members of Congress from being blackmailed or bribed into divulging sensitive information that may threaten national security. (Click here to read the bill).

  1. READ THE BILL ACT: Support Senator Rand Paul’s resolution requiring Members of Congress to read each bill before voting to pass them into law. (Click here to read the bill).