Meet Ammar

A Letter to California's 50th District

My name is Ammar, the people’s candidate. I was born in East County, the son of a Christian working-class mother who raised me with help from family and neighbors. From my first job as a church janitor to serving in the White House; I’ve devoted my life to service.

I’m running to give back to my mother’s generation, and to all those seeking to live and retire with dignity. As a business owner, I know the burdens we face. As a Labor Department official, I served working families. Being your congressman isn’t about my personal politics — it’s about your personal health, safety, and economic dignity.

While career politicians put their own interest ahead of ours and use special interest contributions and tax dollars to finance lavish lifestyles, I’ll never forget where I come from. I’ll fight for real ethics and campaign finance reform – and I won’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

We all have a role to play in restoring America’s core values: responsibility from all; opportunity for all. That’s why in Washington, I worked with Republicans and Democrats to advance critical programs, including apprenticeship jobs that pay double the average American’s income.

So while extremists in Washington vote to take healthcare away from us, undermine Social Security and Medicare, and attack women’s rights, I’ll stand up for our families and work with members of both parties for common sense solutions.

I’m ready to be your independent voice in Washington, if you’ll be my voice this election.

Meeting with supporters in Borrego Springs - Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress CA50
With supporters in Borrego Springs


Ammar Campa-Najjar

​​Meet Ammar Campa-Najjar

Ammar's brother, Ammar, Ammar's grandmother and mother

The son of a Christian, Latina working-class mother, Ammar was born and raised in San Diego. His family struggled, and Ammar went to work at 15 years old, cleaning toilets at his church--where he later became a youth leader--to help his mom scrape by. He attended community college and graduated from San Diego State University, after taking time off to help reelect the president.

In 2012, Ammar served as Deputy Regional Field Director for the president's reelection campaign, where he helped oversee Southern California’s grassroots operations from a headquarters in San Diego. Ammar worked alongside thousands of people, who in the spirit of public service, volunteered their labor and love in advocacy of a common cause.

Following the election, Ammar secured a White House position in the Executive Office of the President. When he was unable to afford the move to Washington, DC, he secured a loan to serve on the team that selected the 10 letters that the president read every night. Ammar read thousands of letters from citizens, learning much about the hopes, fears and daily struggles of the American people.

He then worked at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) as Communications and Marketing Director, promoting the economic growth of more than 4 million Hispanic-owned small businesses. While serving at the USHCC, Ammar supported efforts to help small businesses secure federal contracts as well as procurement opportunities with larger companies seeking to diversify their supply chains with minority-owned firms who reflect the communities they serve.

Ammar at the White House - Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress CA50
Ammar serving at The White House

At the U.S. Department of Labor, Ammar led the Office of Public Affairs for the Employment and Training Administration (ETA). In this role, Ammar was instrumental in promoting a nationwide effort to double and diversify the number of Registered Apprenticeships in America, an "earn while you learn job" that pays workers an average of $70,000 a year. Ammar also supported: the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA) in helping American workers who were laid off due to unfair trade deals; expanding aid for farm workers; launching youth summer jobs programs; advancing veteran employment opportunities; providing vocational training and rehabilitation services to those in the criminal justice system; improving reemployment services; and cracking down on unemployment fraud.

Department of Labor swearing in ceremony  - Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress CA50
Swearing in at Department of Labor

Ammar’s exposure to the economic needs of both businesses and workers informs his policy views and makes job creation and economic growth among his top policy priorities.

He is a staunch advocate for unions, for federal investment in apprenticeship jobs and for programs for small businesses owned by minorities, women, immigrants and veterans. His platform also includes reform to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), passing a clean Dream Act, investing in renewable energy, and overturning Citizens United.

Ammar owns ACN Strategies, a small business that helps other small businesses, and nonprofits with small budgets, compete against their larger counterparts. He is also a course lecturer at SDSU, paid guest lecturer at UCSD and Academic Civic Engagement Fellow at UCSD. His full focus now is earning the trust of the voters of District 50.

In running for Congress, Ammar is answering the call to service issued in the president's  Farewell Address: “to believe you can make a difference; to hitch your wagon to something bigger than yourselves.  This generation coming up – unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic… You believe in a fair, just, inclusive America… you are willing to carry this hard work of democracy forward…I am asking you to believe.  Not in my ability to bring about change – but in yours.”

Ammar believes, and invites you to join his people-powered movement.