California’s 50th Congressional District (CA-50)


Voters need to see that Congressman Duncan Hunter has been indicted on 60 counts of fraud and embezzlement and that he threw his wife under the bus. NPP (No Party Preference) men and Republican men especially need to see this.


Congressman Duncan Hunter has been indicted on 60 counts for embezzling $250,000 in campaign donations that he illegally used to fund a lavish lifestyle including vacations to Las Vegas and Italy. He refused to accept any responsibility for his actions, but blamed his wife in front of a judge and on national TV.

1. The Indictment of Duncan Hunter, Explained. The New York Times, August 22, 2018

Hunter refuses to take responsibility for his crimes and is instead throwing his wife under the bus.

While the criminal indictment of Hunter details how he and his wife “knowingly conspired with each other” to personally misspend funds, Hunter says that his wife handled his campaign finances and he is in no way responsible.

2. Duncan Hunter throws his wife under bus in campaign finance scandal. Washington Examiner, August 24, 2018
3. Female Fox News panel tears into embattled GOP lawmaker who blamed wife for corruption allegations. The Hill, August 25, 2018

Hunter is dishonoring veterans.

Hunter used campaign funds to buy clothing for himself and fraudulently claimed the purchase as gifts for wounded warriors. Using campaign funds for a family vacation to Italy, Hunter tried unsuccessfully to set up a tour at a U.S. Navy facility to justify the trip and then told his chief of staff to “tell the Navy to go (expletive) themselves.”

4. Charges against Duncan Hunter detail family vacations, football tickets, other luxury items with illegal funds. Military Times, August 22, 2018


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Letter to the District

Mi Religion Crecí bajo la religión Cristiana. Cada domingo acudíamos la iglesia y de joven fue donde obtuve mi primer empleo como conserje. En la iglesia fue en donde aprendí a creer, amar, y respetar a Dios. El siempre nos guiara por el camino del bien – a amar a nuestro prójimo, y proteger a los que mas lo necesitan.

I was brought up under the Christian faith. We attended church every Sunday, and where as a teenager I where I took my first job as a janitor. This is where I learned to believe, love, and respect God. He will always guide us through the path of good that teaches us to love our neighbor and protect those who need it the most.  

Mi Familia
Fui criado por mi madre y mi abuela – dos mujeres que me inculcaron que lo mas importante es la familia, el respeto a los demás, y el trabajar duro.

I was raised by my mother and grandmother – two women who taught me that what was really important was family, respect towards others, and working hard.  

Mi Educacion
Mi mama me inculco desde pequeño la importancia de la educación, y lo necesario que es para poder salir adelante. Después de graduarme de la Universidad, dedique mi vida profesional a proteger los derechos de nuestras familias y trabajadores.

My mother raised me with the understanding the importance of education in the path to achieve my goals. After graduating from San Diego State University, I’ve dedicated my professional life to protecting the rights of our working families.