Investing in Small Business

Jobs and Small Business


As a small business owner, Ammar believes businesses create jobs, not the government. He’ll work to reduce red tape for small businesses; invest in education and job training programs to attract businesses to the district and help local residents build careers; end sweetheart deals for major corporations that ship American jobs abroad, and fight for fair trade deals that put America first and grow the middle class.

I’ll work to provide small businesses access to credit, capital and contracts to compete against big business.

By providing more tax cuts, federal and supply chain contracts with major companies, we can help small businesses flourish in CA50. Small businesses create 2/3 new American jobs, helping small businesses thrive is the best way to stimulate local economies throughout our district.


Ammar has stood up to Sacramento and Washington to stop tax increases and anti-business policies like the gas tax, the Governor’s inconsistent business shutdowns, and Congress politicizing COVID-19 relief. Ammar knows California pays more federal taxes than any other state. That’s why in Congress, he’ll fight to get back our hard- earned tax dollars from Washington and reinvest them into rebuilding our roads and supporting small businesses here at home.

Investing in Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our American economy and way of life, creating two-thirds of all new jobs. To keep the economy roaring and jobs growing, we have to invest in actual job creators.  

In congress, I’ll help local businesses gain more access to credit, capital, and compete for contracts both through the SBA and industry supply chains.

Ending Corporate Welfare

We can create a 21st century economy that works for everyone. But first, we need to end the most burdensome and expensive welfare program in the United States: Corporate welfare.

Today, hundreds of billions of middle class taxpayer dollars are going to big corporations, like unaccountable pharmaceutical companies that jack-up prices for live-saving prescription drugs. Middle class taxes are being spent by big corporations to ship jobs abroad, replace American workers with automation, and provide an advantage over small local business owners struggling to compete in a global economy.

Rather than these massive corporate giveaways, I’ll push to provide tax breaks and invest in small businesses to create more jobs, spur homegrown innovation, and increase local consumer confidence that allows economic activity to circulate throughout our district.    

CA50’s Unique Business Advantages  

District 50 has a unique advantage to attract businesses -- both big and small -- to our rural and suburban areas alike. Research shows IT companies are saving costs by relocating to rural areas with lower costs of living and higher employee retention. When elected, I will work with high tech companies such as Space X to bring high paying jobs in the manufacturing sector to our district.

The 50th is also home to 14 reservations, all of which are tax exempt. Rather than watch good jobs go to Nevada, Arizona and Texas due to more business friendly tax codes, the 50th should compete and bring jobs to our skilled middle class and to our most impoverished rural and Native American neighbors. In my discussions with tribal leaders, the idea of attracting industry to their lands to create more jobs for their population and surrounding communities is welcomed. CA50 is open for business!