Other Issues


Campa-Najjar pledges to protect Social Security by securing funds into a “lockbox” that prevents the government from raiding the benefits that seniors have earned and paid into their whole lives.


Campa-Najjar would simplify the tax code, reform the IRS to stop auditing working people and focus on preventing billionaires from avoiding taxes, cut taxes for middle-income individuals, and reinstate the State and Local tax deductions that were impacted in 2017. These middle-class tax benefits would be covered by imposing tax penalties on companies that ship American jobs overseas and closing tax loopholes that multinational corporations use to pay zero taxes.


Campa-Najjar proposes term limits for members of Congress so they will be forced to get things done rather than focusing on keeping themselves in office. His plan is modeled after the military’s “up or out” program and limits members to 12 years in office unless they pass major bipartisan legislation. This will encourage new people to run for office and restore a government that is responsive to the community.


Campa-Najjar will set a national standard to keep childcare costs within 10 percent of a family’s annual earned income. Investing in affordable childcare will enable parents to work and provide for their families, keeping children out of trouble so they can lead responsible, successful lives in the future.


In 1952, President Dwight Eisenhower mobilized military funds to build the interstate highway system. Campa-Najjar believes we should increase Defense Department funding and divert it once again to fix our roads, install rural broadband, and build badly-needed public infrastructure.


Campa-Najjar is a responsible gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment. He supports sane, trained, law-abiding gun owners who respect firearm safety. Instead of banning firearms because of how they look, Ammar believes investing in mental health and enforcing existing laws will go further to reduce gun violence.


As a former Department of Labor official and small business owner, Campa-Najjar believes there are many paths to the middle-class aside from attending four-year college - including the military, self-employment or vocational training. That’s why he wants to make community college free and promote trade schools to provide skills training for apprenticeship jobs in high-growth sectors like construction, manufacturing, cybersecurity, and social services.


Campa-Najjar will take on big pharma to lower prescription drug costs, protect those with pre-existing conditions, and give people the freedom to pick their own healthcare – keep your coverage if you like it, or buy into a non-profit Kaiser-type plan or Medicare-type plan if you prefer.