Public Safety & National Security

To keep our military strong and resilient, Ammar pledges he will:

Ammar will invest in our public safety and national security by working across the aisle to support our military; strengthen border policies and promote legal immigration; and ensure first responders and local law enforcement have the funding, training, and the partnerships with mental health professionals they need to protect and serve.

America must always be protected, its values and citizens defended.  We must uphold human rights globally and remain a vigilant force against terrorism. To do this we must enable and ensure our military is strong, resilient, properly funded and fully supported.

I believe that our military should prioritize the use of force whenever our national security is at stake. The world has become increasingly dangerous and complex. We should use all the tools of American power, beginning with diplomacy and economic development, to confront global threats and always ensure war is the last resort.

As your representative, I will fight for the equal rights of all brave Americans serving our country in uniform. I will continue to defend the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and am fully committed to ensuring fair and equal treatment of all active duty members and veterans. I stand by the many Flag Officers and Senior Executive Service officials who advise us that we should ensure opportunities for all qualified members of the military to compete for jobs on a level playing field. No exceptions.

Additionally, I am committed to further addressing the issue of sexual assault in the military. We must increase our efforts to investigate and prosecute cases. We must stand by victims of sexual assault and provide the necessary treatment for physical, emotional and psychological trauma, as well as career ramifications. We must continue to improve our military culture and ensure all workplaces are safe and inclusive.

✅ Strengthen and sustain the all-volunteer force, including the reserve and National Guard

✅ Support smart compensation and benefits reform

✅ Expand accessible healthcare and assistance to military families

✅ Sustain a strong and diverse military by fighting for equal rights for all brave Americans willing to serve our country in uniform

✅ Defend the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

✅ Welcome women to compete for all levels of military service

✅ Combat sexual assault and harassment in the armed services