I once asked a single mother, a conservative voter from my district, what keeps her up at night. Her answer: "I'm an illness away from losing my home."

Regardless of your personal politics, your personal health should never be at risk. Nobody should ever have to choose between paying their mortgage, rent, student loans or medical bills.

Expanding Medicare & Reforming Healthcare

We have the greatest medical technology in the world. We have some of the greatest doctors in the world. So there is no reason we can’t have the best healthcare in the world.

If elected, I'll work to expand Medicare for all, beginning with individuals aged 50 and older. The expansion will cover pre-existing conditions, full dental, with no lifetime limits. By implementing a low cost buy-in option to Medicare, we can broaden the base with more patients which automatically reduces rates for all. Private insurance companies would have to compete with the expanded Medicare option by lowering the costs or selling insurance to wealthy patients. The final result is access to affordable care for all.

I will also support legislation to expand patient choice when it comes to medication. By opening our markets to affordable medications from advanced countries like Canada, U.S. Pharmaceutical companies will offer better costs to patients in order to compete. 

Lastly, many wounded veterans and cancer patients have successfully incorporated marijuana into their treatment. If elected, I will continue to support the use of natural alternatives to often lethal prescription drugs such as opioids, depressants, and amphetamines. 

Universal access to affordable healthcare is a right. Serving in the United States Congress is a privilege. I will never confuse the two.

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