Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

“I’m committed to advancing environmental proposals that would create new jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, assist farmers, curb wildfires that have engulfed our communities, protect our military bases along the coasts, prioritize climate change as a top national security threat, and preserve our open spaces and natural heritage that is central to the character of CA-50.” - Ammar Campa-Najjar

Call me biased, but from Jamul to Temecula, CA50 has some of the most beautiful environmental landscapes the world over.

A friend of mine put it best: "Now more than ever, it is important that we protect our natural habitats from desecration and pollution. Keeping our forests, drinking water, and skies pure is of vital importance. There is something entirely pristine about nature. When surrounded by wilderness, there is something especially pure and cleansing about the air you breathe and the sights you see."

Preserving that purity is important. This is not just because our environment is sacred, but also because pollution in our environment inevitably contaminates us and our bodies. When we drink polluted water, live near toxic sites, or inhale dirty, smog-filled air we contaminate our bodies with chemical impurities and pathogens.

Air pollution in many cities makes the once crisp, pure blue sky a foul gray. Chemical particles end up everywhere - in our food, on our skin, and inside our lungs. Dirty, polluted air enters our bodies and becomes a part of us. When we do not recycle, it leads to mountains of trash, reeking across our natural landscapes.

Billions of tons of garbage have to be put into landfills; many of which possess toxic chemicals which seep into our water supply, making even filtered water contaminated. Deforestation turns once pristine wilderness into barren, depleted fields.

We can take action now to protect our environment so that it is pure once again. Recycling, choosing to use energy efficient appliances and improving our public transportation can make a big difference. Reducing pollution can help us preserve what is pure and beautiful about the places we live. It should be everyone's goal to cleanse the environment, so our children and our children's children can experience the uncontaminated purity and value of nature.

WHat We Can Do Today

As an outdoor enthusiast, it's important to me that we preserve our natural heritage. I believe in taking a pro-business approach when it comes to the environment and our energy policy, we must lead rather than cede America’s energy future to China and Germany who are investing in renewable energy at a rapid pace. I want to make sure that the future is made in America, through investments in renewable energy that will create jobs, spur small business innovation, and reduce our carbon footprint. Doing so will allow America to out-build, our-generate, and out-compete the rest of the world.

In 2019, President Trump’s pentagon issued a report which said our bases are at risk as a result of climate change. I believe our ambition to address climate change must be greater than or equal to the challenge it poses. 

As congressman, I will present sensible solutions to invest in renewable energy storage technology, incentivize traditional energy companies to transition more of their energy portfolio toward renewables, and promote a more sustainable world.


✅ Reform and renegotiation of water rights in the West.

✅ Full funding of the US-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program (BWIP) in order to eliminate the discharge of raw sewage into the Tijuana River and ultimately onto San Diego's beaches.

✅  Investment in our crumbling storm water and wastewater management system. Urban runoff is the single biggest threat to San Diego's water quality and storm water capture offers opportunities to ease the perennial scarcity of water in the region.

✅ Permanent mandatory and market-based water conservation measures to reduce our water dependence and make San Diego more drought-resilient.

 ✅ Incentives for drought-tolerant landscaping to reduce suburban water-consumption.

Smart Growth

✅ Public investment in mass transit to reduce carbon emissions, facilitate smart urban development, and provide enduring, well-paying jobs for American workers.

✅ Legislation and regulation that accelerates the development of high-density, transit-oriented, mixed use urban infill with on-site permanently affordable units. We will not hit our carbon targets, or preserve San Diego's habitat or our status as the nation's most bio-diverse county, without smart urban development.