Immigration reform is an economic, security and social imperative. 

Current immigration laws hold back those who want to contribute fully, fairly, and legally to our American economy and way of life. We need to bring people out of the shadows so they can earn and pay their fair share. If elected, I'll support immigration reform that secures and ensures the American dream for all.

Defend the American Dream

From fair wages to security, the fate of America's citizens and aspiring citizens are inextricably bound. Like all our communities, immigrants and refugees are overwhelmingly good-natured and well-intentioned people. And like all communities, they share our security concerns. In fact, as people fleeing persecution and crime in their countries of origin, refugees and immigrants come to the United States seeking security. That is why securing our country is important for both citizens and aspiring citizens. 

As the son of an immigrant parent, I will always fight for the right of good people to experience the American dream. 

I will recognize the balance we need to strike between securing our borders and welcoming the huddled masses who yearn to breathe free.   

And I will support sensible immigration reforms that lifts rather than depresses wages, creates a viable pathway to citizenship rather than an inevitable pathway to crime, and protects all communities.

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